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You can try Julia's Jungle.  
Becky's Best Buddies for dogs in the Stevens County areas.
Also please contact the Spokane Humane Society.

It has been a pleasure serving you. 

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If you have a question, please email us. We are very busy and will return your email/and/or, call as soon as we can.  Please email details and full questions, include your name and phone #.

Ginger -adopted

Hello!  My name is Ginger and I am a 4 year old adorable Chihuahua looking for my new forever home.  I have to have a new home because my current family's life has changed and they are now working 12 hours a day and my Chihuahua brother has been adopted so I am home all alone and very lonely and sad.

 I am a sweet loving doggie who adores being on my person's lap or snuggling close by. Although I like going on walks, I have to be honest...sometimes I love being a couch potato too!  I walk well on leash, ride well in the car, am crate trained, potty trained, and love playing with other small dogs and chewing on my chew toys.  I am social and affectionate, but a little shy so young children and big dogs kind of scare me.  I would do best in a home with adults, older kids, and small dogs like me.  I am microchipped, spayed, and up to date on vaccinations.

When my foster mom gets more pictures, they will updated.

Please call Judy at 509- or Brittany at 509 for more info.

Rex Adopted

  I love nothing more than to be cuddled and loved and spend time with my people.   When I bond with my people, I love being with them.  I am good with cats and easygoing dogs.  I would like a companion dog if that dog is quiet and calm like me. (I am doing well in foster as the only-only)  I don't like to be left alone and I don't like to be put in a kennel.  I would love to lay on the couch with you and to sleep in your bed.  I am very smart and learn commands very easily. I would be happiest in a home where my people are home most of the time.  Going on walks and snuggling are some of my favorite things.   I'm the sweetest boy you'll ever meet and can't wait to find my forever home.

I really need to take walks, they are so good for me and I love them.   I could do well in a home with older children who are dog savvy or in an adult home.

My most recent movie, am I a star!

Rex and new Momma

May all your days be bright!  Thank you for welcoming Rex into your home without restrictions!

Simba /Adopted

Simba is in foster care in the Spokane Valley, if you have questions please email us inlandsmalldogrescue@gmail.com

Simba is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix.  He's the best of both worlds, a real sweet loving dog.

Hi there, my name is Simba!

I am a Tall Chihuahua-mix, about 14 lbs, and I am an athletic boy who likes to go walking and hiking. I know how to walk on a leash and I love car rides!

I am really sweet and cuddly too, and love to snuggle on the sofa with my human or my pet pals.

I know how to use a dog door and I will stay in a crate if needed, but I would rather hang out with my family and be with them. I like to feel safe and loved.

The dogs here in the rescue like me and I am good with my foster cats too! My foster Mom gives me treats and I take naps with my foster Dad.

My foster Dad says how smart I am, because I learn so fast. I learned to use the dog door the first day!

I am young and have many loving years ahead of me to share with a new family, so please come and meet me soon so I can go home with you.

Thanks for looking at me!

I hope we can meet soon.

His adoption fee is 90.00 and he will come with most of what he needs. If you are interested in adopting Simba, please email for an application, thank you.

Prefers a home without: Young Children • House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Shots Current • Primary Color(s): Yellow, Tan, Blond or Fawn • Secondary Color(s): White or Cream • Coat Length: Short


Buddy Adopted

Hi there, my name is Buddy!

I am a Pomeranian mix, and I’m really friendly, I even like cats. I know how to walk on a leash.

I am really sweet and cuddly too, and love to snuggle on the sofa with my human or my pet pals.

I always go potty outside.  I would love to hang out with my family and be with them. I like to feel safe and loved.

I would love to have an adopter who is dog savvy and has a  fairly quiet home with structure.
Also I do really well with a Dog Door and a fenced yard is a must.

I am young and have many loving years ahead of me to share with a new family, so please come and meet me soon so I can go home with you.

Thanks for looking at me!

I hope we can meet soon.

Please phone my foster Mom, Margaret at 509 326 1276 for more info!

I really NEED a fenced yard too.
WE ARE EXPANDING!  Because of the colossal need for those who have pets to rehome, we will oversee the adoption process, start to finish on PetFinder, if you can foster your animals until they are adopted.  Please SHARE!  We want to help the animals get into good homes, not just throw them away on Craigslist or burden the shelters.  Most of the fee will go to pet charities, all we ask in return is a VERY small part of our expenses for gas.   Please let your friends know, we will help rehome any size dogs, or cats.  Even bunnies and all fur friends.

Bunny adopted!

Bunny is a bundle of joy and love! She would love a home where she has someone around most of the time, and a lot of affection for her. She is  9 years old, though she acts like a much younger dog. She loves all of the dogs here in rescue, and might appreciate having another dog to love, but not a bossy one! She has never, ever shown any signs of aggression. This special girl will need to go to a very special home, and a very special guardian. In the summer, she enjoys being outside, and exploring, she uses a dog door, and is crate trained. She walks well on a leash; however, she does not need to go on long walks. She rides well in the car, and would love to spend her days with someone who loves her as much as she is loved here in rescue. Bunny has always lived in an adult only home. She would never harm a child, but being a little dog, a child could accidentally hurt her. We are posting a video that was taken for another dog, Lucy. Bunny is playing in the video. She not easy to film or photograph, and as the weather turns warmer, we will try to get her very own video, because, she is a star.  Her adoption free is 75,00.
Bunny is not a typical Chihuahua, she is more laid back, and you can see, with her cute floppy ears, that she is one of a kind, in fact, we had to verify she was Chihuahua, and she is, a 100% one of a kind.
Bunny is in this video.


Toshi Adopted

My name is Toshi. I am a Schnauzer/Terrier Mix.  I am looking for a forever family without children who can appreciate everything about me.
My owners named me after a folk singer shortly after adopting me. The name seems to fit. I can be mellow and snuggly or hyper and sassy. One thing is for sure, I am adorable! I’m also quite smart. I might entertain you by doing tricks for affection and treats. I can sit, roll over, turn in circles, lie down and go to my “house” (crate) on command.  I like to have a job to do even if it means following you around the house as you do projects.
I get along happily with other dogs but please understand that I must rule the roost. I’m in charge of a mellow female Australian Shepherd mix in my house as well as a friendly old cat. I wouldn’t do well with another dominate doggy personality. I’m really sad that I can’t stay with my family. The problem is that they now have two small children and I have a hard time with kids. I love spending time with adults who understand that I have a limit to how much I want to be touched or petted due to my independent nature. Kids have a hard time understanding that while I’m super cute, I just don’t want them pulling on me or getting in my space very often. I haven’t bitten, but I am vocal about my desire to not have children in my space.
You won’t be disappointed in me if you meet the criteria to become my new forever family. I’m the best alarm system ever, which seems to be true to a Schnauzer’s duty. Once I fall in love with someone they are forever special to me and they will know it the second they walk through the door.  It doesn’t take much to enter my inner circle, but please know I’m independent and I need you to respect that part of my personality. I make a great running partner, love long hikes, going camping, sitting in the sun and chasing the birds out of the yard. I’m happiest when I have a job to do or when I’m with my adult family members outdoors or under the covers on those cold lazy days.

My adoption fee is one hundred dollars, if you would like to adopt me please email inlandsmalldogrescue@gmail.com or phone them @ 509-473-9191
A securely fenced yard and a home is required to adopt Toshi.  Please, no children, or cats and please no alpha dogs.

Chihuahua- Penny/ Adopted

This little girl, only ten months old was surrendered to a great woman, who in turn surrendered her to us.  She never hit PetFinder, as she found herself a home very quickly with a couple who love Chi's and will give her a loving forever home. They have named her Penny.  Hoping for picture updates soon.

Delilah adopted

My name is Delilah and I’m almost four years old and weigh about 20 pounds. My Mom is going to live where she can’t take me.  I used to live with someone else in the family, but she didn’t know how to take care of dogs and she would try to hit me with the broom to make me mind.  Now, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. My Dad, who I miss so much, left the planet about a year ago, and I used to sit on his lap and sleep in the bed with him.  My Mom loves me but doesn’t like me doing those things.  I’m a pretty good watchdog, and love tummy rubs, don’t most dogs?  I’m not fond of cats and am really the kind of dog who would do best in an adult home.  I’ve got a lot of energy so love walks and being with my people.  So far, when someone comes to visit me with a small dog I get a little uppity, so think I’m going to live with people who just want me around, and not other dogs or kids or cats.  My rescue people say I am very smart, and loving, but it’s part of my breed traits.  Right now I live with a big old black lab and we get along fine.   If you would want to love me and let me be a part of your family, I’d be so happy.  Just contact my rescue.  When you see the movie of me, my Mom is sitting in a white chair outside. 

Thanks for visiting me.


(Her adoption fee is $75.00. she us spayed and up to date on shots)

Mr. Mouse Adopted!


This is a courtesy listing, please contact Randi via email.
Hi, my name is Randi Tommeraasen, I'm the person the rescue was talking
about that has the 4 year old male
 He has been displaced by the death of my aunt. He is a sweet, happy little guy and needs a forever loving home
with a "pom" person. I will be sharing a post with more info and a picture
of him. You can see this post on my page at this time. For more info please
message me at my page or email ranvan37@aol.com. You can also contact inland
small dog rescue and they will hook us up!! Thanks for your interest.
We understand Mr. Mouse is up to date on vetting, and is housebroken and walks on a leash, he is said to be a real sweetie.  Let's get this little man into a home!

Rusty .. Adopted

This guy came in the week of the 23rd.   A sweet guy that walks and rides great in the car, is three years old and crate trained too!  He is a bundle of love and joy, proabably the sweetest dog that we have had in rescue.  He just visted the vet this week to make sure he can't be a Daddy anymore.  He is strong and full of energy and love, what a great dog for an active lifestyle.

This take on day one, when he realized he was in a safe place.

He will require a fenced yard.  KC loves everyone and everything.

This picture was at the shelter.

We think he could be Corgi/Chihuaha mix, weighing in at 14.2 pounds.  More coming ager he heals.

Honey Adopted new name ~Tippy~

Honey is a 12-week-old Purebred Chihuahua.  Her parents are small Chihuahua’s and have great personalities. She came into rescue because her family hit hard times.  She is good with other dogs, but big dogs scare her a bit, her previous owners say she is scared of their Lab.  She does great here with our Terriers, who are a lot larger than she is.  She is crate trained and is pretty good with house trained, if you take her out to potty and use reward-based training.  She is the sweetest little dog, smart, and not a nipper, she just wants to love.  We are falling in love with this little one!  We are determined to find her a great and loving forever home with a fenced yard.  She is not yet spayed, she just came in today, and we are working on her vaccinations.  If you are willing to work with us on her vetting, we will write a puppy contract for her.   She will be spayed and up to date on vaccines very soon.
Here is her Petfinder listing.

Videos of this sweetie!

And here is Tippy in her new home!
This picture is taken with Bunny, who they adopted from our rescue.

Tippy is very much loved. During her short time here, we learned, once again, that puppies are quite a handfull!


Gaylord D Buster Adopted

Gaylord D Buster is currently in a foster home.  Please contact his foster mom at 509-473-9191 if interested in meeting him or you have more questions.


Buster says - Hi Everyone! I’m a neutered male rat terrier, about 6-7 years old and I weigh a healthy 13 lb. After my last checkup the vet said my teeth are in great shape.


I’m looking for a forever home where I will be adored and appreciated! I’ll sit on your lap, snuggle with you, and even take a nap together – I’m a really loving guy!


Walks are one of my favorite things to do, and Foster Mom says I walk well on a leash. Oh, and I’d love to go with you for rides in the car! And when at home I enjoy exploring the yard  - only inside a secure fence, of course.


Foster Mom says I’m a character… sometimes I take one of her shoes to bed with me but I never hurt it one bit! And other times, when I’m excited, I try to nibble her feet – just to get her moving a bit, y’know.


Generally I’m a fairly quiet fellow and I’d do best in a home with mellow folks who have a quiet lifestyle and who will help me feel safe and make me part of the family. Though if really needed, I would be there to help protect you!


 I like well-behaved kids – hey, who doesn’t? And I enjoy dogs my own size – especially girl dogs…


I look forward to meeting you – please call my Foster Mom to make an appointment to meet me! - GDB

 You can contact my foster parents at inlandsmalldogrescue@gmail.com
Here is a movie of me in action:


My adoption free is 75.00 and a whole lotta love!


Pearl /Adopted!

Hi...my name is Pearl and as you can see by my photos I am a beautiful black lab X. I am about 1 1/2 years old and playful as a puppy. I LOVE all people, other playful dogs, toys, balls, riding in the car, going for walks, chewies, snuggling on my soft dog bed, and well, I just love life! I am looking for a home with someone who would include me in their activities like playing ball, hiking, jogging, camping...well, you get it, I like to keep busy doing fun things with my people. . If you would like a companion to do your fun things with, I am your girl! I would also love to go to doggie school to learn new things.

I am spayed, microchipped, wormed, vaccinated, potty trained and ready to go to my new home. Oh, I am spayed too.  I need a securely fenced yard to keep me safe.

If you would like to meet me you can call or email my foster mom Judy at 509-xxx-0861 or
mmires@ I look forward to meeting you!


You did want to take me or a walk, didn't you?





Mollie is ADPOPTED!!! Yay

    Molly came into rescue from a kill shelter.   We have worked with her, she likes other dogs, and she just does not pack up with them.  On occasion she will play chase in the yard with the other dogs, she uses a dog door and has not had an accident in the house.    

  She loves lying on the couch, and laps and even gets herself up on our chest and shoulder like a baby to get hugs.  She needs to be handled with a gentle touch and reward based training, never punishment.  She loves to tinker outside with us, and is very human oriented.  She is a Chiwienie and is now about 3 Years old. 

 She now has the self-confidence to move into her forever home.  She is not a barker, which is a refreshing break for a small dog. Molly needs a human or couple to love her forever, to keep her on her good diet, and take her for walks. We don’t crate her because she doesn’t potty inside and is a good girl if we leave.  If she is listed on this site as not adopted, she is still for adoption, if you are interested in starting the adoption process, please email our rescue and send your phone number too.  She must go to a very loving, caring home, with a securely fenced yard.  She rides well in a car, though would not be a good choice for a home with young children.  Molly is waiting for her forever loving home.  Her adoption fee is $90.00.
Would you like to see a movie of her?

And now very much loved!